The CHIO HORSE CLUB is a collection of 10,000 realistic 3D horse avatars. Each of these high-quality, 3D-modeled works of art is unique. Ownership of a CHIO HORSE is registered on the blockchain in an unforgeable way.

If not now, when? Take the chance to join this unique project from the very beginning and become a part of it. By owning an NFT, you become a member of the CHIO HORSE CLUB. The publisher of the CHIO HORSE CLUB is the CHIO Aachen.

The Horses

In an initial batch, 1,000 CHIO HORSES only will be issued. The minting and the sale of the NFTs will take place on this website. We guarantee a fair price, the CHIO HORSES are not planned as objects of speculation: An avatar will cost €200. Even if we are not able to ensure that every interested party will be able to acquire one due to the limited edition, it is possible to submit a binding reservation enquiry HERE.

Why is it important to reserve one as early as possible? Because the buyers are allowed to select the NFT motif in chronological order of receipt of their reservations.


The utilities are the advantages that you receive as the owner of an NFT.

The CHIO HORSE CLUB is a long-term project, which we will work on continuously to make it more exciting and more extensive. Hence, the utilities listed here are by no means complete, they should rather be viewed as the preliminary utilities:


TICKET to the CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE - Your NFT is the ticket to the CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE. The Metaverse has long been much more than just a buzzword. A Metaverse is a virtual world. A world that is not only looked at, but a world that can be experienced, in which the CHIO Aachen fans can participate. The show grounds as a virtual (experience) world in photo-realistic quality. A world in which one can move around in real time, interact socially, experience a wide variety of "Experiences", but also hold virtual conferences. The video gives you a small foretaste.

ART – You receive a unique, digital piece of art, owned by yourself and registered on the blockchain. You can keep it; you can optimise it (see below for further details) and you can of course also sell it. We will provide a secondary market in the near future.

EQUESTRIAN SPORT COMMUNITY comprising of experts, stars and celebrities – We are setting ourselves the goal of building and maintaining a unique, equestrian sport community. Everyone, who feels affiliated to this scene, should aim to be part of this exclusive community.

BENEFITS AND PRIZES that can’t be purchased for money – There will be diverse possibilities such as prize draws and raffles, where one can win unique prizes from the equestrian sport world. That may be a “meet-and-greet” with an Olympic gold medallist, training sessions with the most successful trainers or CHIO tickets + “behind the scenes” insights at the CHIO Aachen 2023.

However, it will for instance also be possible to ride the legendary “Rolex Grand Prix” course in the metaverse, win the competition after beating the other avatars and make one’s own NFT more valuable by claiming the winner’s sash.

PROFILE PICTURE – Use your NFT image as your profile picture on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and co. to show that you are interested in the equestrian sport and are part of the CHIO HORSE CLUB.


Each NFT project lives from its community!

And here at the CHIO HORSE CLUB we will put together a unique equestrian sport expert community, which will meet up regularly in a very special place: In the CHIO Metaverse – and via the respective Discord channel. Discord is an online service for instant messaging, chat, voice conferencing and video conferencing. We give equestrian sports the stage it deserves in Web 3.0.

Experts, athletes and celebrities are also part of it. Here is a small selection of who is already a member of the CHIO HORSE CLUB.

We are

Team CHIO Aachen:

We here at the CHIO Aachen love and live horses. If we could, we would also breathe them. It is a shame the NFTs don’t smell. With all of our passion, decade-long know-how and a team of 40 people, we do everything in our power for the CHIO Aachen and the horses, 365 days a year. A special focus traditionally lies on our vision of the future – the logical consequence: Our biggest, digital project for the next years, the “CHIO HORSE CLUB” NFT collection and the “CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE”. We love it, hopefully you will too.


Team BEYONITY Germany GmbH:

Here at BEYONITY Germany, we have been occupying ourselves with the creation of virtual, experiential worlds for a long time already. Incredible design possibilities are resulting from the current development of the internet into the Web 3.0 and the underlying blockchain technology. We are electrified at the thought of developing this and presenting it at the highest visual level. The "CHIO HORSE CLUB" project provides us with this wonderful opportunity. We want to co-design the metaverse and move boundaries! We push the boundaries!



  • Spring 2023

    Opening of the CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE with among others the areas/experiences main stadium, show jumping course, stage, public viewing, social communication and underwater world. First tranche of 1,000 NFTs will be minted and sold on this site.

  • Autumn 2023

    - Opening of the first virtual art exhibition at the CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE

    - Sale of all CHIO HORSE CLUB NFT tranches

    - First virtual conferencing with various presentation techniques and horse avatars at the conference table

    - The CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE is extended by the CHIO Aachen-Village area

  • 2024

    The CHIO AACHEN METAVERSE will be extended by the historic stadium of 1924, where the first equestrian tournament took place in Aachen's Soers. Virtual time travel will be possible.